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Contact: Mr Galen Shen

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Microfiber for high quality Bags & Handbags

Microfiber for high quality Bags & Handbags

Microfiber for high quality Bags & Handbags.

Microfiber is very suitable for making high quality bags & handbags, its surface and hand feel is the same as natural animal skin, but its physical & chemical performance is even better than animal skin, is the best leather substitute and optimal alternative of real leather!

Specification of WINIW Microfiber Bags Leather:

Materials: Polyamide Microfiber, PU resin.

Thickness: 0.6mm - 1.6mm.

Width: 137cm.

Color: customized.

Features of WINIW Microfiber Leather:

1. Same performance as natural animal skin.

2. Light weight, good soft handle, very good breathability.

3. Good resistance to soiling, can be scrubbed by water & alcohol.

4. Good chemical resistance, acid resistant, alkali resistant, not ease to mildew.

5. Good physical properties, high folding strength, abrasion resistance, tensile strength.

6. Very comfortable hand feel, the surface same as nature animal skin.

7. Eco-friendly, the best substitution of nature animal skin.

8. Anti-UV, much high use rate than nature animal skin.

9. Good color fastness.

10. Crease proof.


Applications WINIW Microfiber Leather:

1. High quality bags & handbags leather.

2. Car & auto seat leather.

3. Furniture sofa upholstery leather.

4. Shoe Leather.

5. Clothing leather.