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PU Leather for Basketball

PU Leather for Basketball

High quality PU leather for basketball leading manufacturer & supplier in China! WINIW supply high quality PU synthetic leather material and microfiber leather specialized for all kinds of balls, basketball, football, volleyball, soccer ball, etc.



Features of WINIW PU Synthetic Leather and Microfiber Leather:

1. Superior durability.

2. Excellent modulus of elasticity.

3. High abrasion resistance.

4. Enhanced absorption and desorption of moisture.

5. High quality and consistent quality.

6. Competitive price.


Pictures of WINIW PU Leather for Basketball:


PU leather for basketball


PU synthetic leather for basketball


PU faux leather for basketball


synthetic leather for basketball


faux leather for basketball


Polyurethane leather for basketball


artificial leather for basketball


PU for basketball


PU basketball leather






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