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Microfiber Leather for Leather Gloves

Microfiber Leather for Leather Gloves

Microfiber leather for leather gloves! WINIW supply suede microfiber leather and PU microfiber leather for all kinds of quality gloves, as leather gloves, sports gloves, gym gloves, golf gloves, boxing gloves, industrial gloves, etc.

Specification of WINIW  microfiber glove leather:

1. Thickness: 0.6mm - 1.2mm.

2. Width: 137cm.

3. Color: all colors available and customized.

Features of WINIW microfiber glove leather:

1. Light weight, thin and elastic.

2. Rich in color and finishing, can easily be tailored to suit the latest trends.

3. Resistance to crease and wear-and-tear, breathable and possesses good product characteristics.

4. Exquisite style and feeling.

5. Environmental friendly and elegant in styles.

6. Excellent tensile strength, tear strength, very durable.

7. Very good abrasion resistance.



Applications of WINIW Microfiber Leather :

1. Furniture upholstery and sofa Leather.

2. Automotive leather.

3. Luggage and bags leather.

4. Shoe leather.

5. Clothing leather.

6. Glove microfiber leather.

7. Fine inner packing microfiber leather.

8. Interior decoration leather.

9. More fields are waiting for us to develop.



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