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Best Leather Alternatives Microfiber Synthetic Leather

Best Leather Alternatives Microfiber Synthetic Leather

Best leather alternatives materials - WINIW microfiber synthetic leather!

WINIW Microfiber Synthetic Leather , or Microfiber Leather, is the optimal leather alternatives and leather substitute materials, also the highest quality vegan leather alternatives, same looks and same hand feel as genuine leather, excellent durability, very good physical and chemical properties, eco-friendly, can replace leather perfectly, is the best alternative material to leather!



Features of WINIW Leather Alternatives Materials Microfiber Leather:
1. WINIW Microfiber synthetic leather performance is better than the genuine leather and the surface effect can be achieved in line with the genuine leather; 
2. Tear resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and so on are all beyond real leather, and cold-resistant, acid proof, alkali-resisting, non-fading;
3. Light weight, soft, good breathability, smooth and good feeling, and tidy and free from wear facets;
4. Antibacterial, anti-mildew, mothproof, without any harmful substances, very environmental, is the Green Products in the 21st century.
5. Easy to cut, high utilization rate, easy to clean, no odors.

6. Eco-friendly.

7. Cost-efficient.


Presently, WINIW specially supply these Leather Alternatives Material:

1. Full Grain Cow Microfiber Leather, which looks and feels same as full grain cow leather, is the best substitutes and alternatives to full grain cow leather and cow split leather.

2. Full Grain Microfiber Leather, looks and feels same as full grain cow leather, but with different grain/texture and different sytle as customers requirements.

3. Microfiber Suede Leather, looks and feels same as suede leather, is the best substitutes and alternatives to suede leather.

4. Microfiber Nubuck Leather, looks and feels same as nubuck leather, nice short fibers effect on surface, is the best substitutes and alternatives to nubuck leather. 

5. Microfiber Shoes Lining, in style of cow/sheep/pig lining, very good hand feel, breathable and water absorbant, is the best substitute of cow lining/sheep lining and pig skin shoe lining material.

Detail pictures of the best Leather Alternatives Materials - WINIW Microfiber Synthetic Leather:

Leather alternatives

Leather alternation

Alternatives to leather

Alternatives to nubuck leather

Alternative material to leather

Leather alternatives for furniture

leather alternatives for furniture upholstery


WINIW Leather Alternatives Materials Microfiber Synthetic Leather are widly used in the industry of automotive, furniture sofa upholstery, footwear, bags making, gloves, etc. You are welcome to contact us for more details of our leather substitute solutions. 


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