Small family furniture customization easy go four big history

Small family choose furniture, struggle? This is many voices together, already owe good choice, then order! Custom-made furniture with its common advantages, attract a lot of net friend rushed to test the waters. The current many owners when decorate can choose manufacturers custom-made wardrobe, but currently on the market all kinds of true and false “all the furniture” many, how to choose became a difficult problem. Order is good, but the experts also suggest many of the owners in […]

How to choose and buy, wrought iron furniture

Wrought iron furniture refers to through the artistic processing of metal products for the primary data or partial decoration materials and furniture. 1, wrought iron furniture manufacturing Primary data is iron, wrought iron furniture, other such as cloth and wood. In the wood as the main body of the household space, use made of wrought iron tea table, glass tables, leisure chairs, flower arrangement, such as window set match, has become the most families choose. Wrought iron furniture technology: […]

The leather wet

Leather accidentally got wet, can use cotton moisture blot, first put in ventilated place dry to its natural shade again, this time never can take air blower or fan directly on the leather goods, leather crack formation, otherwise can’t saved. After drying can in some leather and leather maintenance of oil, the oil on the pure cotton cloth, and then evenly wash leather goods, to prevent the oil directly alter in leather goods, so the ability to add the […]

Selection of antiskid shoes Key to see the sole

Wind and snow weather, many people will go out because of icing and slip, for the sake of safety, non-slip shoes become shoe of choice in the winter. The reporter understands from mall shoes shop, the choose and buy antiskid shoes sole should be carefully observed, texture depth is the key to judge a pair of shoes anti-skid function.
The choose and buy antiskid shoes sole grooves to watch. Deep grooves shoes, anti-skid function relative contrast is better, and grooving […]

There are tricks sofa maintenance in summer Cloth art sofa and leather sofa each different

In the summer, because the cool days of exposure, endless changes in temperature, smoke and pet damage will make originally dry and comfortable sofa is increasingly tight, fade, best often use a vacuum cleaner or brush to remove the dust on the sofa, in order to prevent dust or dirt and stains left in the fiber for a long time. In summer, the heat is prevented bask in operation time, do you think of your sofa also needs the […]

Hiking shoes cleaning and maintenance tips

Mountain climbing shoes are designed for mountain climbing and travel and planning to make shoes, very suitable for outdoor sports.
Water proofing property is the primary function of modern mountain climbing shoes, climbing shoes, waterproof permeability is usually sports shoes.
1. Check: every time after wearing, remove the insole, relax your shoes, let shoes natural dry. If shoes are wet, with newspaper or shoe stretcher with shoes (don’t forget: replacement has been wet newspaper from time to time). Together to prevent […]

Buyer must master the knowledge of leather

Leather, bonded leather and artificial leather.
Extra note:
Sheep leather, cow leather is the national requirements of sheepskin and leather official specification title!
A, leather is a cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, or some other animals off of the original skin, after the tanneries tanning process, made from a variety of characteristics, strength, feel, color and markings leather materials, is the necessary information of modern leather products. Meanwhile, cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin leather is used three leather material. Leather is divided into head […]

Leather garment design basic knowledge

Leather garment design and the pattern of production
Design of leather clothing, want to think about their own leather area is different, and each leather is greatly different parts of the character. This is the leather costume design is different with other fabric garment design points.
After knowing the characteristics of the leather and uniform area, on the pattern of production. From finishing the process of leather to the cutting of leather, because time is too short, the shortening of leather […]

Outdoor hiking right shoe selection strategy completely

To people who have a passion for outdoor activities, it is very important to choose a suitable for their outdoor equipped with. Is one of the most important is equipped with the pacers and shoes, wear a pair of suitable walking shoes will make your journey steps such as fly, quality time walking shoes can let you each step to grind with. Walking shoes when the choose and buy, do not consider the appearance, the number of size, the […]

Leather maintenance – the leather will teach you how to fake leather say no

Touch: his hands touch the leather appearance, such as smooth, soft, full and elastic feelings is real leather; Usually artificial and synthetic leather surface hair dry, dull and softness.
See: leather appearance has the clear pores, markings, cow leather has the symmetry of the pores, yak skin is thick and the thin pore, the pores of goat skin has been designed.
Smell: any leather has the smell of leather; The artificial leather has excitant strong plastic smell.
Burn: from real leather and […]