What is Recycled Leather?

Recycled leather is a widely used auxiliary material in leather goods, such as leather goods, shoes, furniture and other leather-related products.
As an intermediate layer, recycled leather replaces cardboard with its unparalleled texture, elasticity, toughness, moisture resistance and processing adaptability. As a fabric, recycled leather can show a variety of performance effects after embossing, printing, PU composite and other processes, widely used in leather goods, furniture, book covers and other production.

PU Leather and Microfiber Leather Introduction

First, the difference in price. The general price range of ordinary PU on the market now is more than 15-30 yuan (per meter), while the general price range of microfiber leather is more than 50-150 yuan (per meter), so the price of microfiber is several times that of ordinary PU.
Second, the performance of the surface layer is different. Although the surface layer of microfiber leather and ordinary PU are polyurethane resin, and popular for many years in the color […]

Leather Terminology

The procedure of cleaning, caring and finishing leather products such as leather clothes, leather goods and leather shoes.
The basic raw material of leather making, taken from the skin of various animals (mainly domestic animals), the skin that has not been or has been preserved before leather processing.
Note: common name: rawhide.
After physical processing and chemical treatment process and made, has been denatured, not easy to decay, can be used for processing and making leather products of […]

Ten Rules of Microfiber Leather Maintenance

Microfiber leather products in the process of use, it is very necessary to carry out proper maintenance of it. In the process of its maintenance, we should pay attention to, take the correct maintenance method, can really play an effective role. So, what kind of law do we have to follow when it comes to maintenance? This is a problem that WINIW wants to introduce to you today.

1, microfiber leather products need once a week with a dry towel […]

Types of Artificial Leather

Synthetic leather is generally classified according to the synthetic resin used.
The first is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), whose products after combustion are, water, carbon dioxide and chlorine-containing compounds, even chlorine gas is produced; it is a mixture of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer and other matching agents, coated or laminated to fabric, and made by a certain processing process to wake up the material products. In addition, there are also double-sided polyvinyl chloride artificial leather with plastic layer on both sides […]

What is the Difference between Genuine Leather and Nappa Leather?

Genuine leather is the use of animal skin production and processing, the concept of artificial leather as opposed to the artificial use of chemical fiber materials made. Genuine leather is generally referred to as first layer leather, second layer leather, and synthetic leather. The price of the three kinds of leather in decreasing order.
Genuine leather surface has clearer pores, pattern, yellow cowhide has more proportional fine pores, yak skin has thicker and sparse pores, goat skin has fish scale […]

Microfiber Leather has become a New Hot Spot for the Development of Synthetic Leather

In recent years, under the pressure of environmental protection policies, environmental protection substandard synthetic leather enterprises are gradually shutting down, at the same time, with the development of new materials and new processes, synthetic leather market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, backward production capacity is gradually eliminated, the current microfiber leather as the representative of artificial leather has both environmental protection, performance and price advantages, its development prospects are promising, become the development direction of synthetic innovation.

Tracing the development […]

Maintenance Skills of Microfiber Leather Car Seat

Maintenance skill 1 of super fiber leather car seat: proper cleaning; It is essential to clean the super fiber leather car seats; When cleaning the car seats, you should choose a cleaning agent to clean the dust and stains on the leather surface, so as to prevent bacteria and garbage pollutants from eroding the leather seats, and keep them dry and clean.

The second maintenance skill of super fiber leather car seat: no soaking; Many car owners are sometimes too […]

Features of Suede Microfiber Leather

Unique style
Suede fabric has small reflection point, soft luster and color, full and fine appearance. The smaller elastic rigidity of the fiber makes it easy to obtain an elegant effect with suede. This gives synthetic suede excellent creatability and unique visual comfort.
 Extremely comfortable
Microfiber suede has good absorption of water and oil. The micro-porous structure between the fabrics allows more static air in the fabric, so better insulation can be obtained. The delicacy of the fibers makes the fabric soft […]

Points for Effective Cleaning of Microfiber Leather

Cleaning microfiber leather, like most leathers, requires certain cleaning techniques so that it can be cleaned easily and easily. There is no big difference between cleaning microfiber leather and ordinary leather, but because of the uniqueness of microfiber leather, there are still some points to pay attention to when cleaning. The following is a summary of six points to note when cleaning microfiber leather, let’s take a look at it.

After the microfiber leather is slightly dirty, use common eraser […]