How to Restore Nubuck Leather

You will find nubuck used in a variety of applications. Furniture made with this material is highly desirable, but will come at a much more expensive price than furniture made from lower grade types of leather. Nubuck shoes and purses are popular, as is clothing. Some companies prefer to use it instead of suede so that a product will last longer.For example, the Birkenstock® classic sandal is made from nubuck instead of suede. The company chose this particular leather because [...]

Knowing the Different Types of Real Leather

Understand that “Genuine Leather” is only one kind of real, legitimate leather on the market. Most people are more concerned about differentiating real leather from faux, or fake leather. But serious connoisseurs know that there are actually multiple grades of real leather, of which “Genuine Leather” is actually the second lowest grade. From most luxurious to least, the other types of real leather are: Full Grain Leather Top Grain Leather Genuine Leather Bonded Leather   Purchase “full grain” leather for only for the most high-end [...]

The advantage of Alcantara

Besides brand, price, power, space and so on, the interior design of the car is also a point of interest.The most common are real leather, wood and plastic. The first two appear to be more upscale, and the plastic looks cheap.But with the advancement of science and technology, interior materials are becoming more and more varied, such as carbon fiber and alcantara.Today we’re talking about alcantara material, which is synonymous with luxury.   Alcantara  It’s more expensive than leather. Real leather + [...]

China leather industry is committed to “green intellectual” to restore competitive advantage

In the first half of this year, China’s leather industry was developing with great growth and export growth was obvious.However, there are still some uncertainties in the future development of the industry, and the practitioners need to grasp the trend of the industry and advance in order to improve the traditional kinetic energy and cultivate new competitiveness.   At present, China’s economic development has entered a new normal, and it is evolving into a more advanced stage, with more complex division [...]

For Whatever Reasons, Leather Is Already Not The Best Seat Fabric Anymore

For Whatever Reasons, Leather Is Already Not The Best Seat Fabric Anymore    These few days, a news had shocked my heart with waves.Foreign journalists have visited the arctic fox farm in Poland, where the environment is quite shocking. In order to get a larger area of fur, these beautiful and cute ” little guys”were in captivity in a cage to ” gain weight “. Arctic foxes in the wild can generally grow to 3.5 kilograms, but the arctic foxes in farm are [...]

The microfiber-leather industry,needs innovation

In fact, the industry has been stagnant for some time. The reason is that it is more to face than to solve the problem.However, in conclusion, it is necessary to rely on the innovation of core technology to achieve breakthrough development in the industry.So, how do you do that?   The production of microfiber leather, from raw materials to technology, requires a series of innovations,At present, its upstream raw material is polyurethane paste, nylon slice and so on.The downstream is mainly [...]

Full Grain Microfiber Leather in this year has been a lot of attention

18th to 21st April ,The 19th China (Jinjiang) international footwear industry and the second international sports expo were held in Jinjiang, Fujian province.Show with “booster sports city fusion, vying for shipment event in the world” as the theme, highlighting the internationalization, sports, elements such as innovation and marketing, managed to attract domestic and overseas more than 70 countries and regions, 14 million merchants.   This exhibition focuses on the “One Belt And One Road” national strategy.Companies from countries along the One Belt And One Road [...]

Tongxiang held the first Leather Shoes Fashion Expo

19 July ,the first Leather Shoes Fashion Expo in Tongxiang , started at Zhenshi Hotel .The event by China leather Association, Zhejiang Province Leather Industry Association, Tongxiang City People’s Government and Footwear Industry Association, Shimen Industry Association, China Shoe Group to undertake, to provide strong support for this activity.   In the opening ceremony, Zhuweiqiang -Tongxiang city vice mayor,Li yuzhong -The director of China leather association,Liweijuan- Chairman of the Association Leather industry in Zhejiang Province,,has delivered a speech. And attend the ceremony of the Expo with Tongxiang city government department leaders [...]

Nappa Leather VS Dakota Leather

Nappa Leather VS Dakota Leather WINIW Microfiber Nappa Leather VS Microfiber Dakota Leather!   Both two are made of WINIW microfiber leather, the physical and chemical properties are the same, looks and feels the same as leather, high strength, superior durability, are the best leather substitute materials for automotive upholstery leather, can replace leather perfectly for auto upholstery!   Below are some pictures of WINIW Microfiber Nappa Leather:      Below are some pictures of WINIW Microfiber Dakota Leather:      Learn more: PU Leather、Car Leather、Shoe Leather、Bags Leather、Glove Leather

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