In 2012, China Leather Association and China Light Industry Information Center the joint monthly release of light leather climate index fully reflect the overall running of the leather industry trend for industry policy formulation, corporate decision-making authority data support.

That same year, the local leather index have released and the formation of the normal release mechanism. China Haining Leather index comprehensively and objectively reflect the overall supply and demand situation and economic level of Haining market, to reflect the leather product innovation and trends; Shiling leather Shiling leather apparel market price index reflects the overall supply and demand situation and economic level; China • Suning fur raw materials price index to promote the circulation of fur raw materials supply and demand of raw materials, production and processing, market information and variation, guide enterprises and farmers played an active role in risk aversion and increase revenue. The establishment of the normal release mechanism of the leather industry index, marking China’s leather industry to enter the index of economic times.



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