Household sofa leather

Household sofa leather quality that distinguish between the performance of one of the three elements See: general good cowhide leather light and delicate, grain clarity. Pigskin leather rough, glossiness is poorer, identification is very simple, Skin is light and soft, but the bad thing is that the strength of the skin than other leather, cowhide, the second point is that, for example, because the skin is lesser, splicing processing cloth often demand, affect beautiful, so be careful to select the leather.

Household sofa leather quality to distinguish the three elements of another Touch: most, people often think, processing skills good leather soft and delicate, stiffness harden conversely. Use hand to touch, have the experience, you also can know the whole piece of leather thickness uniform, to distinguish whether the cowhide can feel soft.

Household sofa leather quality to distinguish the three elements of a third Sit: according to the industry experience, excellent quality of leather sofa, every part of every link to elaborate design, according to the principle of human body engineering, for example: human hip, back can get better rely on; Was wonderfully, appearance beautiful, cushion lining with people sitting on it, the body feel very comfortable. If sit uncomfortable, even if again beautiful appearance, texture and high-grade, also is not applicable.

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