How to maintain leather sofa

Leather has good heat resistance, resistance to wet and ventilation properties, such as leather sofa in the daily clean, how to wash brush is the key. The focus of the leather sofa maintenance is also our home health, together with the following to learn the knowledge of leather sofa maintain.


A, sofa should be placed in ventilated, dry place, it is best not to let the sun sofa, lest fade leather; Don’t let air conditioning blows straight, in order to avoid sofa leather harden; Unfavorable also wipe or wash with water, avoid damp, mildew and moth.


Second, the summer sweat more, leather can absorb sweat pore, high temperature and humidity can make sweat in the organic compounds react with leather, easy to produce peculiar smell, often with a wet cloth to wipe dry. When brushing sofa, can’t use alkaline cleaning fluid, because leather in the leather when treated with acid, and alkaline can make leather softness, use for a long time will happen knit crack.


Three, pure cotton or silk should be used when cleaning sofa after wet wipe gently, be available after rub-up or spray wax polish etc again, to maintain its bright and clean. If not careful the ball-point pen painting on the leather sofa, such as in the effective time wipe gently with a rubber can remove.


Four, in fact, the general maintenance need to use a clean soft cloth to wipe gently, if you use for a long time to clean up dirt, the ideal way is the first to use leather sofa clean cream erasure, then use the proper uniform leather care agent to wipe.


Should be paid attention to five, leather strong absorption, anti-fouling, best in spring and autumn season with a leather softener. Common when wiping sofa do not energetically rub is brushed, so as not to damage the skin. But it is worth noting that in case of holes of a sofa, rags and burning phenomenon, it is best to ask professional personage to clean up.

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