Wearing a winter sheepskin gloves how to maintenance? How listen to others said can’t wash with water, maintenance, storage? The following maintenance, will teach you the correct storage solution.


Leather gloves maintenance and preservation method is introduced


(a) avoid water: water swells, soft leather fibre, distorts the leather gloves.


(2) avoid roast: leather gloves after be affected with damp be affected with damp, should be put in ventilated dry place, let the moisture to evaporate, exposure of avoid by all means or with the fire roasted, in case of leather hardening embrittlement.


(3) avoid dirt: scrubbing cleaning gloves, should use dry cloth to wipe the first grain of dust, on curing coating oil again.


(4) : avoid pressure can make the gloves on the surface of the leather elasticity is damaged, exterior appearance is also affected.


The above is not only the condition of the leather gloves to avoid is afraid of, is all leather, of course, if not careful meet these conditions, we want to do with, please look at the following introduction to clarify.




Is located in the humid environment, leather gloves if used for a period of time no and no maintenance on oil, very simple mold, gloves if the mold can use soft dry cloth to mouldy some wiping clean, if the situation seriously, to be able to use a half dry wet towel will clean the mould is swabbed clean first, then put the gloves on local ventilation, let it dry, dry, can in the foreskin (usually the skin do not besmear) appearance with some leather maintenance of oil, as well as curing leather gloves, also has the effect of second cleaning, however, if you cherish your brand gloves, suggest the best purchasing the special maintenance oil better.


It rains


Let’s ride a bike in the rain, get wet in the rain gloves wet? Leather wet after immediately disposal, necessary to dry towels absorb moisture, and then placed in a ventilated good advantage in order, must not in the sun or with hot baking, or leather will damage, harden and disposal gloves remember back on maintenance of oil, can make gloves rehabilitation luster and flexibility.




The dirt on the leather gloves are usually sweat secretion, liquid pigment, all kinds of oil pollution and so on three varieties of pollution sources, including contrast tricky is liquid pollution sources, due to the small molecules, simple to soak To leather fiber, even immediately wash also cannot block has soaked liquid pollution, treatment is usually first wiping clean with dry cloth, such as pollution, boring with a scrub containing and cleaning maintenance oil, as to the disposal of the oil, is also the use of maintenance and disposal of oil rich in cleaning effect, unlike liquid pollution in don’t need a pollution sources such as boring. To pay attention to is, if use this kind of oil containing and cleaning maintenance, a sensitive test should be doing is not obvious at first, in order to prevent the formation of gloves fading problem, affect the outward beauty.


In addition to the appearance of the stain, leather gloves inside due to direct contact with the hand, is very simple with sweat secretion, if there is no treatment, is very simple to make gloves stunk mildewy, disposal way is cotton ball dipped medicinal extract and water about 50% share of the mixture, abundant inside the glove is swabbed, then placed ventilated place dry; If now can add smelly gloves and high precision of share, but don’t use industry, due to the industrial pure form gloves fade and damage of cortex.



Gloves if you don’t apply to preservation, should be put on curing oil, put in plastic bags and preservation, in order to prevent the dust, places where preservation can, need not be squeezed to also be careful not to put in moist, local temperature too high or too low. Preservation no use gloves best to use the last month and oiling, simply wipe thin layer, because the gloves on without oil, the time is long, leather will harden, simple also damaged. Other oil also be careful not to deliberate on more maintenance oil make gloves soft, let gloves insist must hardness and shape, this attitude will feel very comfortable grip handle to cycling

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