Accompanied with the progress of science and technology level of progress and all days, Chinese people enjoy the level of the leather products become more and more high, leather is see more of the consumer goods, together is a kind of “delicate” goods, demand has elaborate maintenance and professional maintenance, to extend its service life. Hence the birth of leather maintenance profession, now has gradually by people, under today’s leather maintenance market is very huge, some characteristic features of leather maintenance shop is also more and more popular.


There may be a big part of people don’t understand, leather why so “delicate”, needs maintenance and maintenance?


Speaking of leather maintenance, first to introduce leather, leather is the product is in the early stage of the human civilization, for thousands of years in the days of our plays an extremely important role, even today, chemical industry Industry was flourishing, and many excellent properties of leather, still cannot be replaced. And because the leather to natural products, history is limited, particularly valuable. In the daily life of leather and exalted seems to have the same meaning, a pair of high-grade leather shoes not only look at its brand, design, manufacturing technology, more important is its beautiful natural leather products, to target on sale of shoe leather, leather is head and shoulders above the other. The world produces about seventy percent of sorts of leather used for shoe industry, which is given priority to with natural leather, artificial leather, leather, regenerated leather also has a certain position in the footwear industry.


Leather is soft, its basic reason lies in leather, with leather fibers have very good skin imitation spent oil import animal skins inside, constitute a comprehensive cover skin fiber appearance of oil membrane, namely in the skin between fiber surface with a layer of suitable thickness of leather imitation of the oil film from isolation, in this way, the leather inside fiber friction between moving friction is equivalent to the oil molecules, therefore, will be very soft leather. Its principle and almost like a sponge, appearance is not the same as real leather interior oil membrane separation between fiber, make the leather has a slide between internal pore, pore is smaller than the sponge, but its internal appearance and leather fiber spread not sponge also have rules. But, because of the introduction of internal oil skin leather in natural state, long-term follow time gradually evaporate lost, or because other reason makes the oil film were damaged, in case of hydrolysis water attack or high temperature environment, imitation leather oil oil film is damaged, grease and hair lost, so the leather between internal fiber will be bonded together, making the leather harden, brittle. So lost leather inside the oil film is damaged or grease, should from the beginning to the leather between internal fiber appearance, high quality writing form the oil film of grease.


After curing the leather, because the oil film between the intradermal fiber appearance is modified, innovation from intradermal bond between fiber, make skin friction between fiber appearance, approximately equal to the friction between the oil molecules, so the leather is very soft, full, have moist feeling. Leather maintenance, inclined to put leather appearance of water will not stay, it’s not easy water infiltration into the dermis, still can add real leather elongation.


From China leather on the maintenance and development trend, China’s leather maintenance professional experiences a process from single to diversified development. Until the 1980 s, China’s leather maintenance industry is relatively single, only in the less extreme local existence, also is not to get in, now, China’s leather maintenance industry has started to grow, and leather maintenance industry has become a pillar industry of China light industry professional. Domestic famous leather maintenance company John huang leather maintenance back in 2010, it has added more than one hundred outlets across the country, the resulting leather maintenance industry planning is also growing.


In recent years, with the Chinese leather beauty maintenance industry rapidly, China is becoming the global leather producing countries, and leather beauty maintenance trade one of the most lively, to develop the potential of the market. Everyone in order to seek services of features, to enjoy the quality of private, also try for themselves a pair of shoes, a private professional maintenance, a leather, it also promote the rapidly development of China leather maintenance professional.

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