(a) suede garment leather washing method 1. Wash: first, A little, with A brush dipped in suede leather cleaner directly at the heavy dirty suede garment leather (the front neckline, cuffs, and mouth, etc.) brush net, quietly placed at the mercy of 10 minutes; 2. The suede garment leather is put into fully automatic drum washing machine, according to the different degree of grime in garment weight 2% – 2% of suede leather cleaner (about 20 grams of mercy), wash, rinse and dry by the program; (3) in a container import 5% of the suede garment weight (about 30 grams of mercy) scheduling agent, 5 times with hot water (70-80 °) dilute stir, put already cleaned clothes in, use the kneading a few minutes; 4. Carry floating 3 times, the fish in clean water directly. Set on rushed model shape to dry; 5. Left soft: 7-8 points dry clothes and soft in the dry cleaners, or forcibly knead, fleece, sorting, brush. Note: water will be a slight fading, fading degree is associated with the dyeing quality of leather, usually had little impact. Suede leather cleaner according to the dosage of washing conditions, how many appropriate increase or decrease degree of dirt and water. Water used and monochrome dress, color matching or spell skin can cause string color or show that coating fall off. Dyeing quality and cleanliness of a related, because of the dye water does not have to hide the dirt. (2), suede leather dry shampoo Garment dry cleaning fatliquoring agent is added in the dry cleaners, for 1-3% amount of solvent. Avoid dry wash hair hard. Soft: spray fibre softening agent, with 2-5 times dilution water spray 1 to 2 times. (3), suede garment dyeing method Suede garment leather dyeing method with water spray staining and staining, can choose a; Water act: 1. Add garment weight 10 to 20 times as hot water (50 °) penetration, plus help dye suede garment weight is 0.1%. 2. In the bath, add garment weight 10-20 times (55 to 60 °) water, under the roiling in garment weight of 10-20% water dye suede, and continue to 30 minutes at the mercy of, fundamental absorbs dye solution. 3. Plus 5% suede garment weight fixing agent and continuous rolling for 10 minutes. 4. The fish in clean water carrying 2 times, to dry. Note: the dye water usage: primary return 10% of the new garment weight, 20% of his breathing is heavy. Spray dyeing: 1, finalize the design, raising: Blow-dry suede garment leather in inflatable models. Brush with fleece napping in the same direction. 2, spray color, solid color: With all kinds of dye suede gush water, call the demand according to the principle of color matching method of color; Will make good dye liquid spray with suede leather dye fixing agent 1-1 evenly mixed, evenly spray in suede leather appearance, dry; Part of the color difference significantly: With fibre softening agent 2-5 times water dilute take 90%, mixed with 8% matchs good dye water, aniline in mixed with 2% mixed pigment paste, add a small amount of suede spray dye fixing agent, parts before they are all the spray. All the color light: With fibre softening agent 2-5 times dilution water 90%, water and 5% to 5% with good dye suede spray dye fixing agent. All the spray. 1, reverse fleece, brush with fleece fleece in another direction. 2, spray color, fixed again. 3, raising smooth suede. (3), deep method of suede garment leather In case of suede garment leather after washed, dry-cleaned or wear wear wrong with a little white, color light, can be used suede recovery agent spray equably on suede leather 1:1 mixed appearance, add depth, brightening after dry. In case of partial white, light color, can use the deepening of the spray gun parts evenly.

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