Low clean leather little knowledge By in leather shoes, it whether comfortable, support, and natural, waterproof, breathable are the best. When it slightly be affected with damp be affected with damp, leather will absorb, still make your feet comfortable. But when it just once the bubble water, can make the leather tight, contraction, and become not easy dry. Supply some simple Suggestions here, can let the shoes after using for a long time, still can keep it as is, and the function. Low cleaning: cleaning is the first step on the shoes maintenance regularly. Slightly stubborn dirt will enter the leather fibre inside, let it become dry, and gradually function impairment. We will use clear water sweep away the mud and dirt off of it, if it is oil dirties, strong dirt or very dirty, just useless water to clean, the best use of leather cleaner and nylon brush to clean the surface, as for shoes lining, then to scrub clean with wet cloth, because from the sweat of salt will be via lined with agile into the wool stoma of leather, and damage the organization of leather, let it become dry and cracked. Low recovery force function or add waterproofing agent: this assignment is to let the user more than foot insisted on dry, also let feet clean, maintaining leather to make it soft, durable not two practice. After the shoes clean water, the double coated with proper waterproofing agent, especially in the part of suture and metal buckle, more should be strengthened, it is the guarantee of leather shoes in good maintenance. When you want to let your shoes to accompany you through long-range twenty-four hours before, best can also again with waterproofing agent to maintain, so can make your shoes, for your feet, more can keep dry. Low adhere to dry: open shoelaces first, insoles, then put the shoes in room temperature, let it gradually dry, do not use the heat source (fire, the sun,…). The rapid drying to make it, because of excessive heat, it will get tissue damage, and glued to agent function will be damaged. Moreover stuffed with paper inside the shoes, can let the moisture inside the shoes, dry early, don’t forget, from time to time change wet newspaper. Low maintenance regularly, maintenance regularly shoes, is to avoid it by foreign object (water, sand……) Damage the organization’s not two practice, what’s more, it can help to restore the original function of leather, under normal use (not bubble water, no oil…). At least the last confirmed leather oil a year.

A. Surface cleaning: General vamp:

1. General shoes defiled can clean neutral detergent, and with a clean wet cloth scrub clean, shall not bubble water method (brush) to wash. Swept clean and placed in a cool ventilated place, do not in the sunlight.

2. The grinding face skin, fur, two Lang skin: In addition to the above method, the small area of the fouling can be dedicated eraser scrub, or paper mill with zero sand defiled.

3. The instep with glue: Vamp accidentally with glue, available volatile cleaner brush, make glue slightly dissolves, brush gently to raw rubber.

4. The mould: Shoes due to improper preservation mildewy, can use wet cloth to remove the mold, placed in a cool and dry ventilated place for shoes, again with special maintenance of shoe polish, shoes milk, emulsion, etc to do maintenance work.

2. Maintenance:

1. Nourish leather: Leather fiber itself with fat, sticking to its soft, elastic, after time and wear, will gradually lose, should be regularly give shoe polish, shoes milk, maintains fluid, such as nourishing, leather can stick to the soft, elastic and bright beautiful appearance. Waterproof:

2. Grinding face, two Lang leather, shoes, such as the fur on the vamp spray before must wear a thin layer of waterproofing agent, can prevent water infiltration, dust adhesion.

3. The absorption of moisture and volatile: The characteristics of natural leather has absorbed moisture, after a night’s rest, leather can send out shoes collection by moisture, just as the WINIW microfiber does.

4. Leather extensibility of reply: Natural leather has excellent extensibility and resilience, wearing the instep with the foot type, along with the movement extension expansion. After a night’s rest, leather will resume its vamp be extended and expansion.

5. Stick to more than double in wear: Shoes can send out moisture and reply extensibility, but only after a night, the sporadic and lack of response rates are still too, should let shoes more rest time more than a day, let shoes complete recovery after wear, can prolong the life of shoes to wear. So try to stick to more than double in wear, also can stick to the foot health.

3. Change garments according to the preservation: Taiwan in winter and summer, the wearing of shoes also with the change of the season, and there are obvious different, shoes preservation is also a season of transformation required assignments. To insist on the shoes and I wear a season, can stick to the fulfillment of the shoes, especially the high value of the shoes, must pay attention to the details in the preservation work.

1. Please use brush to remove dust or attached on the surface of the shoes.

2. Use a neutral detergent scrub shoe, and then use wet cloth clean the scrub.

3. The sole available water clean clean and wipe dry.

4. Swept dry in a cool, ventilated place.

5. Use the special shoe polish, shoes and leather maintains fluid… Shoes. Such as, do maintenance work.

6. Shoes in paper, paper stick to type.

7. After drying the placement shoes or hard preservation box.

8. Shoes or hard storage box must be placed within the appropriate drying agent.

9. Check shall not be in direct sunlight or moist place. 10. In the long term deposit, must take out occasionally make shoes for air.

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