Follow the general improvement in the quality of life, life environment is improved, the health care became everybody attaches great importance to the thesis. Aging, and the family health is also attaches great importance to the main points of the all.


Magnet therapy insoles, it is a kind of made from silica gel materials and biomimetic magnet magnetic therapy massage insoles products. Embedded magnet is put a foot in accordance with the human body acupuncture point, through the health care of magnetic lines of force effects on foot acupuncture point, can promote blood cycle, alleviate muscle pain, promote the innovation of the body, a foot massage together can promote leg fat burning, burning fat losing weight. On the basis of the principle of mechanics and motion in the bottom of the foot with cushions, can very good when walking to and maintain the effect of the foot.


Magnet therapy insoles, fit the human body mechanics, kinematics principle, with a strength of the magnetic field must be applied to the human body or affected about acupuncture point, in traditional Chinese medicine, would have used a magnet to see a doctor, from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, a magnet can kidney qi, Yang town, jing. Magnet reentrant kidney, can cure kidney inverse, also contains the latent Yang, the traffic heart kidney and cure insomnia, insomnia, etc. The human body through the skin, nerves, gastrointestinal tract, joint under magnetic field effect, must effect with guaranteed health, physical therapy, etc. This kind of magnetic therapy and health protection insole has two layers of negative ions and far infrared effect. Can improve the foot blood circulation, sweat in acid, antibacterial deodorant, anti-inflammatory anti-itching, eliminate a foot pain and numbness, on foot sweat, athlete’s foot, foot odor, dry feet, foot chilblain, caused by feet cold leg cramps, abdominal pain, abdominal distension and promote the effect of the recovery.


As usual care and the elderly health care, are extremely good household items.

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