Animal cooked leather, chemical fiber making bags of usual care

Animal cooked leather, chemical fibre bags of regulating animal usually cooked leather bags: 1. After being wet wipe with a soft cloth to catch in the gloomy and cold place after dry. 2. When the hands dirty when highlighted from the animal skin, please special dirt separator. But because some run out rub off work situation, such as it is necessary to implement without visible first try, please. Also, because of the glue water animal cooked skin decontamination device cannot be used, so please use dry clean or rubber. 3. In order to prevent skin membrane is damaged, rub off comprised, please avoid using fuel, such as banana water ethanol solvent and whole washing in the water. 4. The director keep cooked skin actually had the characteristics of the animal, will emerge because of the rain or friction of rub off, dirty clothes, etc. Of animal cooked leather bags: 1. Dry with a dry cloth to wipe hands dirty and oily stains. 2. A glass of water to add 2-3 drops of household neutral detergent to amalgamation, bubble in the water after dry with soft cloth graze. Then in the gloomy and cold place Again dry dry brush. 3. Because of the animal cooked skin thought suitable material and using molecular conjugation, perennial use peeling phenomenon will emerge after degradation. 4. Because of the damage to hand.

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