Touch: his hands touch the leather appearance, such as smooth, soft, full and elastic feelings is real leather; Usually artificial and synthetic leather surface hair dry, dull and softness.

See: leather appearance has the clear pores, markings, cow leather has the symmetry of the pores, yak skin is thick and the thin pore, the pores of goat skin has been designed.

Smell: any leather has the smell of leather; The artificial leather has excitant strong plastic smell.

Burn: from real leather and artificial leather the reverse side tore off a little fiber, after burning, who announced the blunt nose smell, forming a knot of artificial leather; Any announced hair smell, does not produce hard bumps is genuine leather.

Buckle: dig with nail skin, reply soon and no traces.

Go through multiple extraction of genuine leather, so the price is expensive, wearing comfortable, appropriate and not smelly, and artificial leather, because the material is more, less process, normally the machine, very simple, if the hot weather to wear, if really dragging a piece of mud, and very smelly, be friend abandon oh.

So want to buy leather shoes, we must remember the choose and buy leather oh.

Well known. Leather leather and imitation leather. But most people still can’t tell what is real leather? What is imitation leather?

Watching too much for leather, imitation leather introduction articles, usually said. With his nose to smell, to touch with the hand, the idea is still is very general. See the later is still a little grinding his ambiguous is difficult to determine, and said with the lighter to burn, feel is not very practical.

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