To people who have a passion for outdoor activities, it is very important to choose a suitable for their outdoor equipped with. Is one of the most important is equipped with the pacers and shoes, wear a pair of suitable walking shoes will make your journey steps such as fly, quality time walking shoes can let you each step to grind with. Walking shoes when the choose and buy, do not consider the appearance, the number of size, the function of the shining, may also not to be your friend to introduce shoe money around — — — — — unless they are the heel of your foot. You want to consider is the comfort shoes, wear resistance, stability, weight, warmth and waterproof. When purchasing walking shoes is the most important thing is to be very fit, appropriate to heel, the front of shoes containing space to meet the big toe. The type of walking shoes The root According to often activity of terrain and have to carry is equipped with corresponding walking shoes to choose.

However, due to add the weight of all pressure on the foot, walking activities every day in the end of time will add energy loss, looking for a super lightweight walking shoes to resist. A backpacker, for example, often take light backpack lane activities in the country, if he is wearing a pair of heavy walking shoes is completely unnecessary. The following are chosen for supply of the self-important. The forest walking shoes If you take light backpack, terrain insist on outstanding activity area, the best choose in the low waist or waist walking shoes. These walking shoes are generally manufactured by fiber/leather or second leather, generally stitched seams more, so unless fully lined with waterproof atmosphere, otherwise you need wear Gore – Tex socks or choose waterproof measures. Relative to the general sports shoes and hiking shoes, forest walking shoes in the bottom hard, higher stability and grip is very good. But more slippery or rocks in the terrain environment, take the load-bearing pedestrians always feel useful walking instability, best considering the ankle gaiters to avoid crossing are damaged. Mountain walking shoes If you often take light backpack for a few days to walk, so you best pick of the waist walking shoes. These walking shoes by fiber contact leather manufacture may split leather, there are lined with waterproof breathable lining, and some walking shoes permeability is outstanding, outstanding ventilation can be hot in the desert environment. Shoes inside the bottom of the cone shape guess or half long shoes core gasket supply to meet the sole hardness, in the stone is full of road environment can effectively maintain the feet, prominent in the forefoot mobility. Some animals good hikers like wear this kind of light walking shoes with a variety of equipped with the inland regions across the conditions for these people, we if the topography condition, it’s time for a pair of mountain walking shoes.

Heavy walking shoes If you want to cross the area except the gnarled trees trail, then reinstall the choose and buy walking shoes is your best choice, the vamp for all skin, concave upper, have stability good hard sole. Step height weight of long distance and activities of the best choose reshipment walking shoes, this kind of walking shoes can supply very good foot maintenance, but also for the feet return to supply a certain amount of activity, due to the complicated terrain area, carry a heavy backpack, will lead to smaller steps. The long walkers will eventually feel wearing heavy walking shoes surprisingly soft, but needs a long time, until soft sole and heel cup. Heavy walking shoes full skin structure can maintain excellent waterproof, excellent wear resistance, and there were few joints. Many heavy walking shoes weight light, thanks to the latest bottom in sandwich structure/soles. Some type of shoes in the side of the heel and one edge of the circle in Israel Came through hanging glacier ice may hang a new generation of boots. Mountain climbing shoes This kind of shoes is the most obvious characteristics of full grain leather uppers, rarely juncture, excellent grip effect, sometimes also have heat insulation effect. Generally this kind of shoes are high help, can hang crampons, total length of gaskets or hard nylon bottom shoe core sandwich, climbing boots, very hard commonly, not suitable for walking strides. However, under the condition of load over craggy terrain, no matter if steps are not too big, the pace is very suitable for climb to the top of the hill. In a long distance on foot All best to climb the mountain before the break-in, otherwise your feet will record a blister. Arc outsole and heel is flat, followed by the side there is a strip sub-sag, such as good abrasion resistance and waterproof shoes. Skills climbing shoes This kind of shoes in the first is to help low and help hybrid, compact package feet soft rubber outsole, wear in baotou. The primary design for light walking and climbing, to elaborate light backpack, on foot if outstanding road conditions. If you plan to wear this kind of XieHang walking in the journey of condition is poor, for example, gravel roads, ShaShi Road and small trees, would you like to wear leggings for maintenance.

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