Leather garment design and the pattern of production


Design of leather clothing, want to think about their own leather area is different, and each leather is greatly different parts of the character. This is the leather costume design is different with other fabric garment design points.


After knowing the characteristics of the leather and uniform area, on the pattern of production. From finishing the process of leather to the cutting of leather, because time is too short, the shortening of leather is incomplete, then according to the pattern, cut the leather parts will receive shrinkage, deformation and attack. In addition, in the finishing of all times, must carry on the ironing operation, hot to leather and deeply, therefore, after the cutting of leather, cold shortening will attack. In the pattern, to think the reduced rate of leather. In addition, the choice of leather, small deformation, sleeve additional quantity generally don’t take too much. And curve of leather material, relatively brief elongation, so in the sleeve, collar and volume slightly less than fibre products as well.


Clothing shape artistic semiotic meaning – the face of life


Line moving trace of make up the surface, surface occupies a certain position in space, has the nature of the two-dimensional space, there are two kinds of surface with a plane. The resolution along the edge of the shape, such as square, round, triangle, polygon irregular geometry and free form. Square stability and stern; Circular abound change, a sense of roll balloon, plump; Triangle has severe influence of feeling and sense of unease jing; Free form is lively, casual way changes as intuitive image, clothing present in our horizon is first summarized characteristics, such as the tent of the 1950 s and ’60 s cup shape, inverted triangle in the 70 s and 70 s of the rectangular shape, etc. Therefore, distinguishing feature in the evolution of the popular style is inductive line changes, and these changes, in the final analysis is made of the line changes, different graphic symbol message not mouth meaning is different. In the dynamic, density changes, the line is made harmonic unification, constitutes the form of beautiful clothes. Clothing suspension and movement in space will show different inductive line, when the wearer rotation, garment place will open, make many free of line. Is in this kind of dynamic and static changes, line gives the clothing boundless charm and vitality.


In clothing design, often to the geometry of the pieces as several big surface, the surface is proportional to change together, constitute a large inductive clothing, and then in the large inductive, according to the demand of the function and decoration, do a small piece of the cutting.


Clothing shape artistic semiotic meaning – change multiterminal line


Line is the point of moving track, with changes in the position, length and direction, points and lines and curves. Linear simple and rational, meantime, ordinate long rise, have serious feeling; With horizontal lines not only stretch, smooth, and give a person the sense with broad and boundless; Oblique mouth to show movement, light and thick cloud and disturbing jing characteristics. Elegant activity curve has the characteristic of harmonic, gently looked like changes, can attack intense sense of rhythm. The thicknesses of the line, in order to put, can attack as regards the wrong feeling.


Art in general, in appearance, the line is varied, the existence of numerous line, make clothing design features.


Art of emotion, is the way of life, all kinds of feelings and moods the correlation between the mouth of the combination itself, is reflected in the existence of life way, therefore, the fine art always has a similar to the basic way of life “logic”. So, by different lines of different shape, there is not the same symbol meaning.

In the clothing of appearance and structure design, involves lines including induction line, line structure, decoration line, pleated line and the clothing parts such as collar, bags, waist line. Decorate clothing line including edge line, wire, fine lines to fold, Ming made line, stir

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