Mountain climbing shoes are designed for mountain climbing and travel and planning to make shoes, very suitable for outdoor sports.

Water proofing property is the primary function of modern mountain climbing shoes, climbing shoes, waterproof permeability is usually sports shoes.

1. Check: every time after wearing, remove the insole, relax your shoes, let shoes natural dry. If shoes are wet, with newspaper or shoe stretcher with shoes (don’t forget: replacement has been wet newspaper from time to time). Together to prevent the shoes stay in high temperature environment (including the car). Not boring shoes will send in the moist space (leather is a natural product, easy to moldy)

2. Cleaning: dirt particles get into leather fiber, fiber abrasion and cracking A) in a dirty GORE – TEX shoes – touch water clean with the brush first, for the leather shoes (such as nylon surface) with a sponge clean warm water.

If be oil dirties, or very dirty strong decontamination, best use leather cleaner and nylon brush, and clean appearance, as to the lining of shoes, with a damp cloth to scrub clean, because from the sweat of salt will be via lined with agile into the wool stoma of leather, and damage the leather organization, make it become dry, and present rift

B) sorting USES GORE – TEX shoes – after the shoes dry brush to lose material, use dial agent for disposal. Don’t use shoe polish or shoe polish, it will weaken the permeability of the shoe

C) clean the leather face GORE – TEX shoes – clean cold water, natural dry. After boring with dial agent for disposal. Don’t use shoe polish or shoe polish, it will weaken the permeability of the shoe

3. Boring:

A) all the shoes must be dried at room temperature. Because leather is easy to burn, bending deformation, dry and cracking, so do not or the shoes close to the source of heat exposure in the sun

B) thick mud let the wind blow dry and clean. Do not dry with fire climbing boots, excessive heat, leather can dry, wrinkled, and adhesive function will be damaged, can make the soles

C) do not use stove or hair dryer to dry! If use stoves or hair dryer to dry, will not only severe deformation, does cause cracking or glue etc. Phenomenon, serious and affect using life

4. Maintenance: maintenance and proper climbing boots can last for several years, regularly use footwear maintenance, maintenance and rehabilitation leather exterior water resistant function. If no GORE – TEX shoes for maintenance and resistance to water disposal, GORE – TEX waterproof membrane permeability is not destroyed, but affects the permeability of the whole pair of shoes, durability and comfort. Can use GORE company to introduce water repellent

A) to be able to use leather protective spray wax or GORE – TEX special spray wax on the climbing shoes evenly spray 2-3 times, is conducive to extend using life

B) water disposal: resistance in the leather shoes after working with water repellent treatment. Water intrusion from the seam line, the waterproofing agent can improve the instep and suture of the waterproof degree, buying new climbing boots must be used waterproofing agent repeatedly altered for a period of time, climb a mountain together Boots must be dry and clean, waterproof agent must alter sutures and pinhole, one to two days before the activity start must use waterproof agent alter the instep, make leather fully absorbed. Nylon fabric climbing boots, waterproof pore more difficult to use silicon rubber derivatives (silicon – -based) spray, regardless of any boots must adhere to the dry state

C) announced in tongue area to clean oil can prevent the leather, wipe the oil on the metal parts can prevent them from oxidation, rust 5. Replace the sole, soles wear a shoe fast, usually higher-priced climbing boots to be able to replace the soles, update the soles will tighter because the vamp has changed the original scale

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