Wind and snow weather, many people will go out because of icing and slip, for the sake of safety, non-slip shoes become shoe of choice in the winter. The reporter understands from mall shoes shop, the choose and buy antiskid shoes sole should be carefully observed, texture depth is the key to judge a pair of shoes anti-skid function.


The choose and buy antiskid shoes sole grooves to watch. Deep grooves shoes, anti-skid function relative contrast is better, and grooving shallow shoes, wear is simple to skid. Second, the sole soft hard can according to the age of the shoe. Simple walking too soft soles, affect the body center of gravity; Walking sole quality, simple affect judgment of feet on the ground. Young people’s ability to control center of gravity is strong, can choose soft shoes, increase the comfort shoes. The elderly is steady heavy, a little hard to choose sole of shoes. Buy shoes best try on more, don’t be frightened by this trouble.


Non-slip shoes when the choose and buy, the old person is unfavorable choose high heels or flat shoes. High heels will affect the center of gravity position when walking, walk up a simple slip. And completely flat non-slip shoes, safe function is poor, owe good thermal effect. Old people best wear upper must be height and stability of the shoes, and must be followed, the height of the heel with 2 cm at the mercy of advisable. This is beneficial to prevent slippery and can keep warm.


Children love to run up, so, the shoes of safe sex, security is very important. A shoe LACES, occasionally present child tripping over his shoes, can choose a zip, buckles style or strap style, convenient child due to wear and take off their shoes. Children carry momentum, sweating more, breathable, moisture absorption perspiration is also very important. Shoes lining should choose the natural suede leather or cotton fabric, unfavorable choose too soft insoles, avoid influencing the feet of touch and the ability of the sole of the foot even grip training. Children ankle soft, simple accidentally damage and not easy to find, need particularly maintenance. Best choose above the ankle boots, demand at the back of the shoe have a support structure, can be very good maintenance of ankle joint.


Wear non-slip shoes, walking in the snow is not casual, walking in the texture of the blind or step on the soft snow, than go on compaction has been the “shell” snow on prevent slippery effect is very good. Small step walking more secure. Best don’t idle, walking hands back and forth can have the effect of equilibrium.

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