Small family choose furniture, struggle? This is many voices together, already owe good choice, then order! Custom-made furniture with its common advantages, attract a lot of net friend rushed to test the waters. The current many owners when decorate can choose manufacturers custom-made wardrobe, but currently on the market all kinds of true and false “all the furniture” many, how to choose became a difficult problem. Order is good, but the experts also suggest many of the owners in the selection of custom-made furniture, are briefly into four “history”, the net friend to pay special attention to.


Small family furniture custom easy to go four big history



Gashed 1: only to see the furniture in the exhibition hall


Exhibition planning usually is actually a company spend heavily to please some of the planner to elaborate, and the foundation is not for the planner of the usual practice of customer service; Family housing is not the same as other exhibition hall and practice, it has no function of constraint, there is no family planning constraints, from the height can be adjusted freely, difficult to decline in the planning, and brief the role.


Gashed 2: household decorates effect can be copied


About all the furniture, most consumers didn’t pay attention to itself is in purchasing an intangible product, blindly thought the role of the exhibition hall moved to their home, would be to see the kind of effect, without realizing the intrusive, the height of the room and the doors and Windows of bearing intrusive, will affect the private placement and design is selected. Furniture for consumers in general, can only think about the right size and color, as for the real impact pretty useful thinking little proportion relations. Because the proportion relation not only involves the scale, colour also involves decoration, electrical appliances, lamps, window cloth and other details of the plan, this plan is not the average person can end, but rather demand a set of architectural planning, interior design, furniture planning in one end the planner of talents.


Gashed 3: all the furniture is custom-made furniture


True all the furniture supplier, shall supply a whole household planning first, which contains all the renovation plan, all the furniture planning, all the lighting planning, the tracery planning, all electrical appliances, and end in the process of construction supervision and implementation details of above planning services to supply all the furniture again after service. And all the furniture custom-made not only contains a brief wardrobe, bookcase, etc., also contains all kinds of furniture together include bed, combination to decorate ark, electric cabinet, shoe cabinet, cabinets, interior doors, and so on.


I help gashed 4: unable to choose the supplier


Identifying a company does have real supply all the furniture service power, not at the exhibition hall can resolution. It is necessary to grasp two key: one is going to watch the company practices in residence building to the real effect, especially its function to investigate contact beautiful wonderful is reasonable; 2 it is to supply all the household planning service planners face to face in order to distinguish the planners have to end this ability.

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