Screw twinkle was invented in China, with a long history of before. Because in qing dynasty, resplendent and magnificent furniture character, to promote the development of the important embedded furniture, the qing dynasty became important embedded furniture to carry out the golden age. Mother-of-pearl inlay is used in paint skills a decorate gimmick, first is to choose screw clam shells, pearl layer be worn thin polishing processing to turn it into a chip, made from plants and birds and animals, such as image embedded characters carved concave pictures in advance, xiu on a layer of light paint again, to smooth after polishing to make it show twinkle, it made the color gorgeous important objects.


Qing qianlong years, ningbo manufacturing techniques with yangzhou mother-of-pearl embedded inlaid elder, guangzhou go hand in hand, the three legs. In ningbo elder inlaid mother-of-pearl, bone, boxwood and stones etc. Various material, elaborate manufacture into flowers and birds, the wind, a traditional Chinese decoration pattern, such as embedded in the acid on the branches, flower pear hardwood such as billet, after fine fine grinding, use Chinese Chinese lacquer paint, and made into fine traditional furniture, building decoration products, screen and pen holder, pen rack, paperweight, caddy, jewelry box and other skills.


Important manufacturing skills, show the abundant ancient craftsmen smart and intelligence, its famous works is the art of ancient Chinese artifacts in a light bright pearl.

As early as the western zhou period make decoration shell inlaid on lacquer ware, this skill during in tang and five dynasties has carried out a lot. Such as characters of flowers and birds in the tang dynasty unearthed in henan grain important paint back bronze mirror, gusu the auspicious light tower found five generations important during the box is a good, this skill is more prevalent during song and yuan, Ming cao of the antiquities, said: “mother-of-pearl lacquerware out… in the song dynasty in jiangxi province mansion LuLing county, both are important solid paint…”

Bright generation is ancient lacquer ware during the development and prosperity, when presented thick mother-of-pearl and thin mother-of-pearl inlay coexist situation. Thick mother-of-pearl is also called hard mother-of-pearl, and using the twinkle of quality of a material is solid, color is relatively single. Based on color is not too old clams, wang Yao quietly elegant, giant clam shells, its thickness is 0.5 2 mm, thin, mother-of-pearl, also known as soft mother-of-pearl, is made from color contrast the abalone shell processing of quietly elegant soft elastic sheet, has the beautiful pearl luster, its thickness under 0.5 mm, sometimes as long as 0.07 mm. Soft mother-of-pearl craftsmen have higher skills in manufacturing demand.

Enchase mother-of-pearl skills at the end of the Ming dynasty and early qing product manufacturing has reached the peak, do palace created in specially built craftsman imperial court’s important. The number and types of the many big, big to the screen, door window, desk and chair, bookshelf, locker, small to bottle, box, cup, dish and stationeries appliance, such as no need not coloured mother-of-pearl inlay into the landscape characters, such as flower pictures to decorate. Still have a kind of important lacquer wood, inlaid mother-of-pearl lacquerware higher or wood appearance, formed the relief or high relief of pictures, called “engrave survey”. During the period of emperor qianlong followed economic prosperity, enchase mother-of-pearl skill product widely popular. This sophisticated manufacturing skills very important implements by emperors and dignitaries. In addition to the palace manufacturing, folk workshop also mass production. In jiangsu yangzhou, gusu area is workshop and craftsmen gathered. Inlaid mother-of-pearl skills in addition to selection on lacquer, also widely used in acid branch, red sandalwood such as hardwood furniture and plates, and other small items. Pictures of important grain in addition to continuing the existing landscape character of Ming dynasty, birds and flowers, grasses and more with flowers and plants, insect beasts in the composition of pictures appear on the wood. The picture picture meaning is far-reaching, meaning auspicious. Have “bamboo for peace”, “melon butterfly miles”, “shou fortuna’s”, “peony”, “dragon”, “phoenix”, etc.


Important skills


Mother-of-pearl belongs to a kind of Mosaic skill, the primary raw material is clam shells. Grinding mussel and cut into thin slices of more commonly, filaments, or chopped into basis on different particles, with a variety of different skill set in copper wood lacquer ware. Therefore, important for different skills to carry out the individual s.


In general, important skills, skilled in tang dynasty, flourished in the tang dynasty, and to the Ming and qing dynasties, important skills to carry out the arrived at the peak. The most prosperous mother-of-pearl, and the late Ming dynasty today only a large number. In the Ming dynasty important first identified the thickness from the skills, professional term generally said “important” thick and thin “important”. In general, thick important manufacturing are embedded, whether it’s embedded in a tree or embedded on the lacquer; Most important thin is not embedded in, but with the stick, referred to as the “screw”. Shells specially solution soak in the future will become very soft, very thin, and even is thinner than paper. Lacquer ware in dry season is very sticky, this time with tweezers grip the shells, the lacquer on the sticky bit by bit, so called point screw.


Said it more detailed, the so-called “point screw”, which is to put the screw shell made from 0.5 mm below the wafer, and cut into points, wire, pieces and a variety of different shapes, bit by bit set in black paint on the bottom, can occur in the light the fantasy, the colorful art effect, is richly mother-of-pearl of lacquer decoration. In the Chinese antique furniture, the use of important data first from the freshwater and saltwater lake, generally choose the types of shells, seashells, luminous screw, three Angle clams, abalone, giant clam shells, etc. The clam shell the longer the age, the role of the more beautiful, because of its structural precision, strong toughness, color colorful and varied characteristics, especially in the meantime noctilucent screw for the most, because it can at night announced five light color gloss, very likable.


In the future, in the qing dynasty aesthetic beginning to change. Especially in the qianlong ChengShiShi, aesthetic become very trivial, so point screw lots of presents, together with gold and silver piece is decorated, also appear very costly. For the Palace Museum collection of soft mother-of-pearl baby play figure locker, is set with a very thin piece of gold and silver pieces. Gold chemical features safe, color can never change, but the silver strip oxidation after a long, black appearance will be.


This time the important of rarely used alone, and often with between other inlays, such as jade, colored stone, coral, this is our general embedded “treasure”. Treasure is embedded by jiangsu yangzhou weeks Zhu gen, called “weeks”, he after carving, ornamental, Mosaic and other skills, techniques, with the landscapes, figures, gazebo, flowers, birds and animals, such as pictures, like a authentic embroidered picture, very beautiful. The extensive pattern furniture is very pay attention to the important skills, small to the stool, big bed, wardrobe, and more for full twinkle, make the color more splendid and beautiful elegance, don’t have a custom flavor.

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