How to put bedroom furniture?


1, placement of the bed,


Bed is the first home in the bedroom, so put on bed is particularly exquisite. The design of the head of a bed is best depends on metope, prevent the hollow out, shows that there is the meaning of backer, can bring a sense of security, habitant also has excellent physical and mental. Beds should not rely on wall in the toilet, prevent the noxious gas. Also should not be under the cantilever beam, beam is the pressure. Bed surface between the best measure of the earth is at the mercy of 50 cm, insist on a bed of air flow, reduce moisture on the ground, is also an important factor of health.


2, mirror put


Have is the heart of beauty, whether in ancient or modern, popular place on some of the mirror in the bedroom space, mirror and put in the bedroom furniture put of feng shui is very fastidious, avoid by all means is a mirror to themselves, unfavorable also is auspicious azimuth together. Due to the mirror in the bedroom furniture feng shui is the primary used as evil spirit. In front of the mirror it refers to the suspension of the so-called makes it good to straight at the owe qi reflected back. Is the head of a bed is unwell Appropriate, easy cause restless sleep.


3, table, shelf put


For the sake of convenience and receive the needs of the modern bedroom furniture is put in the table and shelf present is the most usual thing, however, the table can be used to eating, writing; The shelf can be used to receive some items. But is because many modern house door area is lesser, confiscate the use of each inches of space area, will take a lot of thought. Of furniture put in the bedroom, let’s just use furniture decoration to appease the whole bedroom space, so in many will present do not conform to the rule of feng shui in furniture put desk and shelves, such as too many sharp shape appearance, all should prevent, advocate the bedroom also should be within the retoucher flattering shape at the edges is advisable.


4, chest, suitcase to put


Space in the master bedroom area is finite, put many dwellers in the chest with the suitcase, general will form the difficulty and inappropriate imagery. In the bedroom furniture is put in feng shui, the main is put inside the bedroom closet and simple clothing box will be the impact of daily life, the situation is many residents don’t practice. In order to effectively use the bedroom space, about the wardrobe should be will as soon as possible and put the suitcase in the chest, dresser and so on furniture in a listed as the most preferred.


5, put decorations

Bedroom adornment to prevent the use of some sharp weapon, flowers and plants is not too much, the proper decoration. Too much plant simple gas Yin qi, and some plants at night will absorb oxygen, release carbon dioxide, simple affect people’s health.

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