In furniture of choose and buy when, want to think about what elements?


1, the space standards


Since is the component in a specific space, you should think about harmony in this space, the standard coordination is an important content, large space usually use standard furniture, and vice versa. In this way, furniture and empty internal environment ability is perfect. If mishandled, can make the large space appears empty lonely, small space appear congestion.


2, general


Furniture is the contribution of bigger, longer items, use fixed number of year may not like item as usually simple updates. And all the days of a day, it needs furniture to a certain extent, and this trend is consistent, also is a generality. Generality has two layers of meaning: one is the appearance succinct, and easy, suitable for a variety of combinations but does not affect the furniture use function, to the satisfaction of everyone on the placement of furniture for a variety of, perhaps, to reach “often change chang xin” orders; The second is the demand too cumbersome to move. Have a proper part of modern man moved into is not updated furniture, in this situation, people were a lot of easy assembling type furniture, furniture.


3, space artistic conception


The spatial resolution imagery furniture’s personality. Richly, balloon and vivid indoor best matching color and lively atmosphere, the form and changeable modern furniture: simple, elegant interior atmosphere best match colors to calm, dignified classical furniture form. Therefore, different artistic conception of indoor atmosphere needs different shapes of furniture, depends on the specific situation.


4, easy to clean


Follow industry developed, and the serious pollution, indoor dust is increasing. Closely related to other, furniture and people, and often touch the handles, chair can appear the place such as dirt, so you have to think of the problems of easy to clean, especially in large public buildings appear particularly important. Thus when choosing furniture as far as possible don’t choose the size complex furniture, decorate trival, concave mould.


5, and security issues

Everyone with furniture touch most time in the indoor activities, and is inevitable. Other, furniture USES frequently, accidentally knocked over. So the demand of furniture line Angle should be dealt with flattering, brightness, especially the elderly and children room furniture especially; The second is the robustness of furniture carefully selected, so as to avoid collapse.

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