vation performance is good. Make the temperature of the foot insisted on 28-32, feel the most comfortable at the moment. Less than 22, it will affect the circulation of the blood.


2, to the permeability is good. Through the electric heating insole board, and microfiber lining,  skin moisture out or aged for 15 to 40 grams every 12 hours. If the moisture retention in the electric heating insole beyond 4-5 hours, the wet feet, the more heat loss, and easy to catch a cold.


3, to prevent slippery performance is good. The elderly the best empty cloth bottom heating insoles, electric insoles for unfavorable use nylon fabric or artificial leather, the best is to use cotton cloth. The “cotton” cloth electric insoles is better. Overweight elderly people should be followed by appropriate pad 2 cm high, this is simple, and can maintain arches.


4, should wear less drag electric insoles. Elderly people resting in indoor moment longer, very simple form the habits of long air drag electric insoles, but this kind of bad habit for health register toeic. People usually wear cloth electric insoles, leather etc With all must bow, the height of the electric heating insole bottom has surely, weight evenly distributed in all the soles of your feet, to support the whole body with all kinds of party activities, and make the spine insist on natural twists and turns. Drag electric insoles mostly flat bottom, results of the body of uneven distribution of load on the foot, changed the human body posture and internal orientation, long-term arch can have weak caved in, make a person feel very tired, is not conducive to the health of the elderly people.


5, to fit me. Neither too much, nor too small, should prevent to wear high heels in the electric heating insole or with electric heating insoles, movement should wear soft bottom heating insoles.

Aged to keep warm, of course, is very important, but safety is the first. So said selection of good electric heating shoes barbary dialogue is very important.

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