In fact, the industry has been stagnant for some time. The reason is that it is more to face than to solve the problem.However, in conclusion, it is necessary to rely on the innovation of core technology to achieve breakthrough development in the industry.So, how do you do that?


The production of microfiber leather, from raw materials to technology, requires a series of innovations,At present, its upstream raw material is polyurethane paste, nylon slice and so on.The downstream is mainly used in shoe making and furniture.In the cost of microfiber, the polyamide slice is about 20% and the polyurethane is about 40%.The direct raw materials account for about 70% of the cost of the microfiber leather.It is mainly used in shoes, furniture, bags and so on,These three areas account for 45%, 22% and 8% respectively of microfiber leather .In addition, the automobile and medical field have high demand for microfiber leather, and demand is growing rapidly.


With the improvement of people’s living standard and the growth of demand, the performance of microfiber products has also been updated and higher requirements.The update or upgrade of existing products is mainly based on the demand of the market to improve the performance of the microfiber.Add variety, give one or more of the necessary functions, make it closer to the performance of natural leather or better than natural leather in some aspects.Domestic super fiber products are widely used in traditional fields such as sports shoes, bags, furniture and other traditional fields, and the application in automobile, clothing and shoes leather has also accelerated.


Sufi-tech Japan is still leading the way, and China contributes incremental production. Current global production of microfiber leather enterprise mainly in Japan, mainland China and Taiwan, South Korea and Europe such as Italy, microfiber leather in the world to present the performance technology in Japan, fashion look, Italy to see South Korea and China Taiwan, scale to see China’s “development pattern, and this pattern is expected in the short term will not change.

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