Napa mainly refers to a style, which is also a kind of representative craft, which is now generally referred to as the head layer. And as napa, it’s generally referred to as the napa and so on

The skin of the napa leather is the upper layer of leather, the superior material of leather shoes, it is the same as regular cow skin, do not wash or bask in the sun, anti-corrosive thing.

Apply a leather conditioner or similar product — as recommended by the manufacturer — after your leather furniture is first set up in your home. Once a month, or sooner if needed, remove dirt and debris from the leather surfaces with a clean, damp cloth. At least twice a year, recondition the leather with the recommended products. Furniture in homes with dry climates may require more conditioning to keep the leather supple.


WINIW microfiber nappa leather is the best quality PU synthetic nappa leather fabric material, looks and feels same as nappa leather, high strength, superior durable, can replace natural nappa leather perfectly for car upholstery!



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