Application and maintenance of synthetic leather in interior decoration

The most common application position of synthetic leather is the wall such as soft bag, erect wall and so on, and some furniture adorn article, such as sofa, seat.Synthetic leatherhas good gloss, high wear resistance, from the vision, is noble, generous, so some big place, such as hotel, the guest house in adornment will use a large area of synthetic leather products.

Synthetic leather absorption is strong, should pay attention to prevent fouling, had better be in spring, autumn season use synthetic leather softener. Do not rub vigorously when wiping the sofa, lest damage the skin.

Use clean towel once a week to wring the water with water and gently wipe off the synthetic leather sofa. If there is a stain on the synthetic leather, use a clean wet sponge to dip in detergent, or use cloth to dip in the appropriate concentration of soap to wash, then let it dry naturally.

All synthetic leather products are found to have holes in the ground, broken, broken, burned, etc. Please clean up the professional people.Avoid grease and chemical solvents in case of bleaching. Regular waxing or upper jacket oil maintenance. Do not put a health ball when storing it, so as not to produce a chemical reaction, which makes the cortex hard.




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