A few categories of leather(part one)

A few categories of leather ,part one:According to the surface points  the leather can be divided into:

1.Enamel leather:  As the name suggests, the surface is painted like paint, and the skin is smooth and transparent. The process is to mix some genuine leather bits and pieces into a pulp, and then make the skin.

Nursing advice: use a semi-wet cloth to dry, wear or use carefully, don’t be scratched, otherwise the trace will be obvious.


2.PU Leather  Also called synthetic leather, the pursuit of simple, pure leather, is also one of the most common leather.

Nursing:Use the shoe polish of the same color department or colorless shoe oil with the bristle brush, the shoe polish cleanser also easy to lighten, many clean maintenance products apply.


3.Waxing Leather Like the ordinary dermis, the surface is not decorated, just dyed, is uncoated leather.The features are clear, smooth and textured, but easy to absorb moisture and stains.

Nursing:Use a special cleanser and conditioner



4.Suede leather or hunting leather: The surface feels rough, unpolished, and also called anti-fur. The advantages are good air permeability, wear resistance and wrinkle. The disadvantage is that it is easy to breathe in and dirty

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