ECCO Tell You The Maintenance Of All Kinds Of Shoes

ECCO shoes combine of softness, wear resistance, toughness, light weight and so on, together with high quality leather, make ECCO products especially comfortable.But when you buy a satisfied ECCO shoe, pay attention to the maintenance to extend the service life.

Daily maintenance method of oil face leather shoes:

1. Use a clean soft cloth to wipe off the dust of the leather shoes, then rub oil evenly.

2.Try to avoid wearing them on rainy days and snowy days. If the shoes are damp, they should be dried in a dry and ventilated area. Avoid exposure and drying. Meanwhile, the shoes should not be placed vertically. They should be kept straight to avoid deformation.

3.When the color of the oil shoes is found to be light, you need oil. Should use dry cloth or the special oil such as bright shoe face wax to wipe, do not use ordinary shoe oil and liquid shoe oil.

4.When shoe storage, want to wipe up oil, place in dry place, avoid extrusion to cause deformation.After storage for a period of time (especially in the mildew season) should be taken out ventilation, and re-wipe to prevent mildew. Using ECCO foam cleaner can achieve better maintenance results.

Daily maintenance skills of patent leather casual shoes:

Paint daily care as far as possible do not use wet cloth, just with dry soft cloth gently wipe the surface of the shoes, if you encounter can stain cloth slightly stained with ECCO foam detergent in a location with besmirch graze until stains disappear.If the patent leather shoes are broken, the easiest and quickest way is to glue the scratched skin back to its original position. Also, it’s important to keep your shoes clean and clean.

Daily maintenance method of grinding shoes:

Sand shoes are very afraid of water and should be avoided when it rains.If the vamp is dirty, you can first brush the dirt of the surface with the shoe brush, then wipe the dirty place with the wet cloth, and then you can wear it.After a long time, the color of the shoe is easy to wear.At this time, can go to shoe shop to buy special shoe powder, should choose heel color same as shoe powder, evenly spread on the whole pair of shoes, then use the shoe brush to paint the exterior redundant shoe to be able to do.Wear sand shoes to avoid oily substances. If you are stained with oil, you can clean it with a water brush or ECCO grinding leather conditioner.


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