Which Is Better, Microfiber Leather Or Cowhide

Microfiber is a relatively good artificial leather manufactured by humans in recent years. A good microfiber combines the advantages of several natural leathers. It is stronger, lighter and more beautiful than cowhide. Therefore, the quality and price are slightly higher than good leather. Because microfiber is artificial, its leather is bright, suitable for processing, and has a high utilization rate. The shoes made are beautiful, so it has become the first choice for major brand-name sports shoes. General microfibers are not necessarily the same. Different processes, technologies and materials can produce microfiber skins with different characteristics, so they cannot be generalized.

Cowhide is a traditional shoe material, and its advantages are that it is highly recognized, strong and durable, especially good air permeability. But the cowhide is also divided into grades, and the price is also different. If you want to compare cowhide with microfiber leather, it depends on what grade of microfiber and what grade of cowhide. However, there is no doubt about the sturdiness of the general microfiber, and the breathability may be almost the same; the breathability of the cowhide is not doubted, and the firmness is also good.

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