Which Is Better, Microfiber Leather Or Split Leather

Split Leather is also called film cowhide. It is composed of the second layer of cowhide leather and PU resin. The Split Leather is generally weaker than the first layer in terms of toughness, feel and abrasion resistance, so the price is lower than the first layer. . Suitable for the production of middle and low-end leather products.


Microfiber leather, the full name of microfiber PU synthetic leather, is a combination of a three-dimensional structure of microfiber substrate and high-performance PU resin. The physical properties of the microfiber leather constructed in this way are close to or even beyond that of the first layer of leather. Suitable for medium and high-end leather applications.


Therefore, the physical properties of the microfiber leather, such as abrasion resistance, tensile resistance, hydrolysis resistance and aging resistance, are better than the Split Leather.

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