Considering the feel of this issue alone, the microfiber leather and some high-end PU material in artificial leather can be almost indistinguishable from the appearance of the leather feel.
The closest is microfiber, microfiber is nozzle spray out of the microfiber, stacked to a certain thickness after using a similar non-woven production process with a needle to tie the fiber filaments more closely, and then injected into the auxiliary filling, microfiber, in the structure is a simulated biological fiber tissue structure, after adding auxiliary these drying and then shake soft, the base material BASE is made.
On the physical and chemical properties of this piece, in fact, leather is not as good as microfiber, microfiber abrasion resistance, dry and wet rub color fastness, tear strength and other indicators are much higher than leather. For daily maintenance, leather care needs detergent care agent, do not take care of a few years after the surface layer is easy to dry up and crack, and microfiber leather to take a rag to get some water can be clean. Genuine leather with a key scrape is easy to scratch the epidermis, microfiber leather scratch resistance is very good. Microfiber leather by virtue of its own advantages, by the public widely loved, so that the current microfiber leather has become the best choice to replace natural leather.

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