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How to tell the quality of pu leather?

PU’s full name is polyurethane synthetic leather ,The advantages of PU leather is high permeability and strength, good toughness and abrasion resistance. The composition is protein, absorbing water is easy to expand deformation, the surface has pores, texture soft. Microfiber PU leather is close to real leather fabric, maintains the soft nature of real leather, but also can achieve good air permeability. For leather, waterproof, water absorption is not easy to expand deformation. Microfiber PU leather is a kind of environmental protection, waterproof, [...]

Basketball Leather Materials–PU Synthetic Leather

At first ,the basketball leather materials is the skin of animals,like cowhide or pigskin, and it  is made of chrome-tanned, usually dyed red and yellow, with a thickness of 2.0 ~ 3.5mm. Lately ,as everyone’s environmental protection has become more and more strong, people advocate protecting animals and forbidding the use of animal skins.   The most common basketball leather material is PU ,PVC and rubber materials ,PU synthetic leatheris replacement for real animal leather .It has the some feels as real leather [...]

What is Suede Leather?

Suede is the general term for the surface grinding into fine  leather.It includes the anti-velvet leather of the front of the mill or the whole grain surface. Multi-purpose pig skin, cowhide, sheepskin are made of chrome tanning, the suede leather is only polished and dyed, unadorned, good health performance, easy to maintain poor health.The common quality requirement is the villi is meticulous and even, no color, good water resistance, no greasy feel. Used for making shoes, clothing and gloves.   Suede [...]

ECCO Tell You The Maintenance Of All Kinds Of Shoes

ECCO shoes combine of softness, wear resistance, toughness, light weight and so on, together with high quality leather, make ECCO products especially comfortable.But when you buy a satisfied ECCO shoe, pay attention to the maintenance to extend the service life. Daily maintenance method of oil face leather shoes: 1. Use a clean soft cloth to wipe off the dust of the leather shoes, then rub oil evenly. 2.Try to avoid wearing them on rainy days and snowy days. If the shoes are [...]

A few categories of leather(part three)

From the leather level ,Leather is usually divided into : 1.Full grain leather:Composed of disability less fine leather processing raw material, the surface preserved intact natural state, thin coating, some surface without finishing directly use, clear pores, irregular arrangement, surface plump delicate, elastic and good air permeability, strong performance is good. 2.Half grain leather:  It is the leather surface that has the injury needs to be worn, it is processed by the equipment during the production process, it is only half of the grain [...]

A few categories of leather(part two)

According to the raw materials, leather can be divided into: 1.Cowhide、cow leather、oxhide:  The surface pores of the yellow bovine skin are round and the pores are tight and uniform. The pores of the buffalo skin are thicker than the yellow bovine skin, but the pores are scarce and the texture is not as delicate as the yellow bull skin.     2.Sheepskin、goat:The pores of the surface are flat and round, and the pores are small and arranged in a fish scale. The pores [...]

A few categories of leather(part one)

A few categories of leather ,part one:According to the surface points  the leather can be divided into: 1.Enamel leather:  As the name suggests, the surface is painted like paint, and the skin is smooth and transparent. The process is to mix some genuine leather bits and pieces into a pulp, and then make the skin. Nursing advice: use a semi-wet cloth to dry, wear or use carefully, don’t be scratched, otherwise the trace will be obvious.   2.PU Leather  Also called synthetic leather, [...]

Identification of automobile leather

There are two kinds of leather as automobile material, genuine leather and artificial leather. Here comes the question ,how to identificer the quality of automobile leather?   The first method, the pressure method,For the seats that have been made, the quality can be identified by pressing method.The specific method is to extend the index finger, press on the seat surface, press hold not to let go, if there is a lot of fine cutaneous grain to hand press to extend, explain the seat [...]

Application and maintenance of synthetic leather in interior decoration

The most common application position of synthetic leather is the wall such as soft bag, erect wall and so on, and some furniture adorn article, such as sofa, seat.Synthetic leatherhas good gloss, high wear resistance, from the vision, is noble, generous, so some big place, such as hotel, the guest house in adornment will use a large area of synthetic leather products. Synthetic leather absorption is strong, should pay attention to prevent fouling, had better be in spring, autumn season [...]

Where is the future of artificial leather

Artificial leather entrepris should  focus on development of environmental protection and the Internet on the way for the future, because if do bad, on the environmental development is really struggling, the development of the Internet is certainly can be a lot of ascension from the sales and popularity. There has been a trend in recent years: the leather industry has grown faster and faster.China leather industry, as a traditional labor-intensive industry, has been developing for more than 30 years, and has become [...]

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