how to clean microfiber leather sofas

Microfiber leather sofas should not be washed with water too frequently. In order to prevent the microfiber leather sofa from becoming dirty due to long-term use, it is necessary to do a regular cleaning. Wipe the microfiber leather sofa every day, and then wipe it with a soft dry towel. Wipe it with a wet towel every week, remember not to have too much water, as long as there is a little humidity. Microfiber leather sofas of various colors, especially light-colored microfiber leather surfaces, will be stained after a long time of use. It can be diluted with a cleaning liquid such as detergent, dipped in a towel and soaked and wiped the surface of the microfiber leather, and then dipped in a glass bottle of “safe bleach” with a towel to wipe the dirt, and finally soaked with water Wipe clean the surface of the microfiber leather sofa with a towel.

First wipe the surface of the microfiber leather sofa with gauze dipped in warm water, and then wipe it with leather scrubbing agents and protective agents that can be purchased in supermarkets. Remember not to apply too much force. In addition, the inner surface of the banana peel also has a protective effect on the surface of the leather material. The price is low and it is worth a try.

If a child is naughty and puts stationery ink on the leather, it is quite troublesome. How to clean the leather sofa at this time, you should wipe off the ink with an eraser as soon as possible, but if there is grease or dirt, you need to scrub it with soapy water first, and then scrub it with clean water. You can also try to wipe the soiled microfiber leather sofa with egg white. If it is a heavier dirt, detergent and milk will have no effect. You can try softer alkaline substances, such as alkaline noodles. Buy a bag of edible soda noodles in the supermarket and scrub it with a soft brush dipped in water. The old dirt in the texture can be removed. It will get immediate results when scrubbing, but remember to scrub with clean water immediately after scrubbing. If the leather sofa is stained with beer, soda water, coffee and other substances, you can wash it with soapy water and then rinse it with clean water.

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