Living room leather sofa special cleaning solution cleaning method. Applicable to the cleaning of large areas. Living room leather sofa is most afraid of contact with very strong corrosive chemical agents, therefore, in the choice of cleaning solution, it is recommended to use the living room leather sofa special leather cleaning solution. Specific practice: the leather cleaning solution and warm water, in accordance with the ratio of 1:10 after stirring, with a soft cotton cloth dipped in the dissolved solution after wringing, repeatedly wipe the living room leather sofa. After wiping the dirt, to use a clean semi-dry cotton cloth and then wipe again. Wipe with an eraser method. Clean living room leather sofa with an eraser, mainly for cleaning the living room leather sofa accidentally scratched above the ballpoint pen scratches, or accidentally stained with ink. Specific practices: in the ballpoint pen scratches or stained with ink part, first wet with a few drops of water, and finally use the eraser to gently wipe. Avoid excessive force, resulting in living room leather sofa decolorization or scratching.

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