The difference between the fixed Island microfiber and the indefinite Island microfiber. At present, most of the fixed island or indefinite Island microfibers in China are aimed at the suede microfiber. The suede microfiber is different from the veneer microfiber. It is made of pure microfiber into the base cloth and then made by softening, dyeing and polishing. Therefore, the different processes for producing microfiber have a decisive impact on its performance.
Generally speaking, fixed Island microfibers have more stable performance and stronger color fastness than non fixed Island microfibers, so they are more suitable for applications requiring quality.
Of course, there is a big difference in price. Usually, a standard width of one meter of fixed Island suede microfiber will cost 10-20 yuan more than that of non fixed Island suede microfiber. Therefore, manufacturers should make reasonable choices according to their own application requirements and cost control.

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