Genuine leather is the use of animal skin production and processing, the concept of artificial leather as opposed to the artificial use of chemical fiber materials made. Genuine leather is generally referred to as first layer leather, second layer leather, and synthetic leather. The price of the three kinds of leather in decreasing order.
Genuine leather surface has clearer pores, pattern, yellow cowhide has more proportional fine pores, yak skin has thicker and sparse pores, goat skin has fish scale pores. Leather surface with or without pores, which is an important feature to identify leather real or fake.
Nappa leather is also known as the first layer of cowhide, cowhide head layer of leather, cow head layer of leather and so on. It is to raw cowhide after chemical treatment and physical processing into – a kind of non-perishable, flexible and breathable performance of the product.
So what is the difference between genuine leather and nappa leather? Here we come together to understand.

  • 1, different uses: nappa leather is the first layer of cowhide on the body of healthy calves, which is generally used in the steering wheel or seat part of luxury cars, and ordinary leather is generally used for everyday utensils and shoes, sofas and so on.
  • 2, different materials: nappa leather is the first layer of cowhide in the boutique, and leather is divided into the first layer of cowhide, two layer of cowhide, viscose cowhide.
  • 3, the price is different: nappa leather price is more expensive, leather price is slightly lower than nappa leather.

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