• Different Processes:
  • Microfiber Leather : Microfiber Leather  is made of nylon superfine fiber with similar structure and performance to the collagen fiber in natural leather, which is made into non-woven fabric with three-dimensional network structure, and then filled with polyurethane with excellent performance and open microporous structure through post-processing.
  •  Synthetic leather: The synthetic leather is made of the impregnated non-woven fabric as the mesh layer and the microporous polyurethane layer as the grain layer.
  • Different Raw Materials
  •  Microfiber Leather : The raw material of microfiber is leather pulp made by crushing the leftover materials of cowhide and adding resin in proportion.
  •  Synthetic leather: Synthetic leather is made of synthetic fiber non-woven fabric as the base, reinforced by fabric in the middle, and soaked with polyurethane elastomer solution similar to natural leather collagen fiber.
  • Different uses
  •  Microfiber Leather : Microfiber is widely used in the processing and decoration of men’s and women’s shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, labor protection shoes, work shoes, fashion shoes, sofas, furniture, massage chairs, leather goods, purses, handbags, ticket folders, certificates, stationery, balls and other sports goods, gloves, belts, clothing, etc.
  •  Synthetic leather: Synthetic leather is widely used to make shoes, boots, bags and balls.

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