How to Distinguish Microfiber Leather


Microfiber leather is also a kind of artificial leather, but it is very durable, resistant to aging, and even better than ordinary leather.

If you can see the back or cross-section, it is easy to distinguish it from other artificial leathers. The back or cross-section of microfiber leather has fine fibers that closely resemble real leather, while other artificial leathers have no or just fabric-like textiles.

If you can’t see the back or the cut surface, it is really difficult to distinguish, because all artificial leather has a coating on the surface, but it is easier to distinguish from the worse artificial leather, which will be softer and thinner.

How to distinguish microfiber leather? Methods as below:

1. If it is allowed to burn, it is the most straightforward to burn. The taste of microfiber leather is similar to that of nylon, without the taste of peeling;

2. The microfiber leather is very scratch resistant, and there will be no marks when scratched with metal and nails

3. Every piece of microfiber leather has the same texture, viewed from the side, is solid, all made of fiber, without foaming;

4. Look at the reverse side of the leather. Microfiber leather generally has chemical fiber fabric or texture, and the leather has only pores;

5. Look at the gloss, the leather is soft and the microfiber leather is brighter

6. Look at the price, the price of microfiber leather is higher than PU, and cheaper than real leather, which is very different.




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