How To Distinguish Between PU Leather, Genuine Leather, Microfiber Leather, Technology Cloth, And PVC Leather When Buying Furniture Interiors

As different manufacturers adapt to different scenarios and needs, some changes will be made to the production materials. “The above does not represent all the materials and processes of imitation leather.”

In terms of sofa fabric performance: leather>microfiber leather≈technological cloth>PU>PVC, the price is roughly in this arrangement.

PVC (faux leather): rarely used in sofas, or only used in ultra-low-end sofas

PU (Imitation Leather): Generally used on the non-contact surface of office sofas and leather sofas

Both microfiber leather and technical fabric will be used as contact fabrics for sofas. Microfiber leather focuses more on the sense of leather, and technical fabric focuses more on the sense of fabric.

Many technological fabrics produced by actual manufacturers are indeed fabric-like. Perhaps this is the real reason why technological fabrics are not called technological leathers! The technical cloth is usually coated with a waterproof layer when it is sold, because of its low cost and large gimmick.

Question 1: How to distinguish PU leather and microfiber leather?

Nowadays, it is very common for businesses to use PU as microfiber leather. So this question is very important. The difference between microfiber leather and PU leather is that the microstructure of the microfiber skin base is a three-dimensional network structure, so the base section (the back side of the skin) of the microfiber leather is similar to the roughness and roughness of the dermal collagen layer after being cut. . The PU is only a flat warp and weft structure, so the base section is smooth. The most important thing is that the microfiber leather has no foam layer. Therefore, the best way to distinguish PU and microfiber leather is to start with the base.

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