Compared with leather sofas, faux leather sofas have different materials, because artificial leather sofas are made of artificial leather after technical installation.Because the artificial leather sofa is made of artificial leather. And artificial leather is produced through craftsmanship and technology.Therefore, the color of artificial leather sofas and The color, texture, etc. can all be changed artificially, so the selectivity will be stronger.

There are many styles of artificial leather sofa products, including high-end atmosphere, elegant European style, simple and elegant, stylish and beautiful modern style, elegant and dignified classic American style, etc., in this case Regardless of the style of our home decoration, we can choose a suitable style of artificial leather sofa to match and use.

The quality of artificial leather sofa products is very good, as long as it is not intentionally scratched, then the artificial leather sofa will not peel or fall off, and the feel of the artificial leather sofa is the same as that of real leather. It can be said that the feel and vision of artificial leather sofas are very imitating real leather, but the price will be much cheaper than real leather after finishing.

The microfiber leather has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, breathability, and aging resistance. Is the best artificial leather. Microfiber leather has excellent tensile and abrasion resistance, excellent cold resistance, breathability, and aging resistance.In the production of faux suede, the selected raw material is ultra-fine fiber filaments, which are woven into fabrics. After special dyeing and finishing processes, fine and uniform fluff is formed on the surface of the finished fabric. Microfiber has the advantages of being fluffy, elegant, and soft to the touch. The drape and softness of the microfiber fabric are excellent, and the hand feels comfortable.It is very suitable for leather sofas. Microfiber leather is more durable than real leather.

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