Four Methods for Identifying the Quality of Microfiber Leather


Quality identification is the only standard for judging the quality of the product. The identification methods of microfiber leather are mainly the following four. The editor briefly introduces its use method and hopes to help you in your future choices.



The first method of identifying leather: look, it is mainly used to identify the type of leather and the quality of the leather grain. Observe that the surface of the leather has more obvious pores and patterns, and although synthetic leather also imitates pores, it is not good. It’s really unclear. In addition, there is a layer of textile on the reverse side of the synthetic leather as the bottom plate. This textile bottom plate is used to increase its tensile strength, while the reverse side of the real leather does not have this layer of textile. This identification is the simplest and practical way.


The second method of identifying leather: smell, good quality leather generally does not have any odor, all leather has the smell of leather, if there is a pungent odor, it may be caused by bad processing in the leather making process and certain chemical raw materials are used in excess .


The third method of identifying leather: touch, touch the surface of the leather by hand (if the grain is processed into thick leather), soft, full and elastic feeling is the leather.


The fourth method of identifying leather: testing, the following simple test for leather. The odor of leather after ignition is similar to that of hair after ignition, and it does not form pimples after burning. It can be kneaded with your fingers. Artificial leather emits a pungent smell and forms knots after burning.

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