Suede is a type of velvet fabric, and its surface is covered with a layer of fluff, which has a good feel. So it is widely used in clothing industry, automobile industry, luggage industry, etc. It can be divided into natural suede and faux suede.

Natural suede is a fur processed product of animal suede, which has relatively few sources. It belongs to fur fabrics. Suede is leather. It’s suede leather, high quality, thick and wear-resistant, fine and soft suede, good breathability and water absorption.

Nowadays, there are many artificial suede leathers called faux suede. The appearance and quality are very close to natural suede. Even some suede leather is more durable than genuine leather. Generally, fine or superfine polyester fiber is used as the material. Suede is a fabric made of animal suede leather. However, many suedes on the market are faux of chemical fiber, and suede has become a common name for all kinds of faux leather velvet. Including denim faux leather velvet, warp faux leather velvet (cloth bottom faux leather velvet), weft faux leather velvet (satin faux leather velvet), warp knit faux leather velvet, double-sided faux leather velvet, elastic faux leather velvet and suede In the textile industry, the suede style fabric is called imitated suede or imitated suede. However, in the textile industry, it is generally used to call suede or suede directly as suede. Suede is divided into knitted and woven. Knitted suede is divided into warp-knitted suede (more common) and weft-knitted suede, and woven suede is divided into warp suede and weft suede.

faux suede is a high-quality artificial fur, and it is not inferior to natural suede. The overall feel of the fabric is soft, and the overall fabric is light, which has many advantages. The suede fabric is waterproof, breathable, and comfortable to wear. This is mainly due to the sea-island silk textile process that can effectively control the overall shrinkage of the fabric, so that the fiber gap of the fabric is controlled between 0.2-10um, which is larger than the human body’s sweat vapor (0.1 um), much smaller than the diameter of the water drop (100um-200um), so it can achieve the effect of waterproof and breathable!

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