How to Clean Microfiber Leather for  Shoes

Leather shoes are shoes that people often wear, and they are deeply loved by people. Nowadays, most of the leather shoes are made of microfiber leather. So, how should the leather shoes made of microfiber leather be cleaned after long-term wear? Today, I will teach you the cleaning strategy of leather shoes, hurry up and have a look!
The correct cleaning of leather shoes has the following steps:

◊1. After dipping a cotton cloth in water, gently wipe the surface of the shoe. After all the dust and dirt are wiped off, a layer of colorless shoe polish can be applied to maintain the gloss of the upper.

◊ 2. If the insoles in the shoes can be taken out for cleaning, they can be washed directly with water; if the insoles cannot be taken out, you can choose to wipe all the inside of the shoes with a damp cloth to clean the inside of the shoes.

◊3. If the odor in the shoes cannot be cleaned up in step 2, you can put the shoes in a shoe dryer to bake it. It has the effect of eliminating bacteria and odor, and the effect is very good. I recommend everyone to try.

◊4. If you don’t have a shoe dryer in your home, you can use the peeled orange peel to put it in your shoes, which also has the effect of deodorizing.

◊5. You can also use pure lemon juice + vinegar to dilute, spray into the shoes, and then dry in a ventilated place.


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