When buying microfiber suede, we have to judge effectively. So, what kind of products have advantages in quality? How do we judge its quality? This is a problem that WINIW microfiber wants to introduce to you today, the following we will introduce the identification method of product advantages and disadvantages.

  • Identification of microfiber suede look is mainly used to identify the type of leather and leather grain good or bad, observe the surface of genuine leather has more obvious pores and patterns, and synthetic leather although also imitation pores, but not Bijin not clear. In addition, the reverse side of synthetic leather has a layer of textiles as a backing, this textile backing is used to increase its tensile strength, and the reverse side of the leather is no this layer of textiles, this identification is the most simple and practical way.
  • Touch the surface of the leather with your hands if there is smooth (grain processing into coarse leather in addition), soft, plump and elastic feeling that is genuine leather.
  •  Good quality leather is generally no odor, all leather have leather smell, if there is a pungent odor may be the tanning process is not handled well and some kind of chemical raw material use over the standard.
  • For leather for the following simple test. The smell of real leather after ignition and hair after ignition smell about the same, and burning without lumps, with fingers can be pinched into powder grinding; artificial leather after ignition pungent smell, and burning into lumps.

    The above WINIW microfiber for everyone is the basic method to identify the quality of microfiber suede, then, we can for the reference of the above method when we buy and sell.

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