What Kind Of Leather Are PU Leather, Microfiber Leather And Space Leather What Is The Difference

What Kind Of Leather Are PU Leather, Microfiber Leather And Space Leather What Is The Difference

PU is polyurethane, and PU leather is the epidermis of polyurethane. Now clothing manufacturers use this material to produce clothing, shoes, sofas, etc., commonly known as imitation leather clothing. PU is the abbreviation of English polyurethane, and the chemical Chinese name polyurethane is also good or bad.

PU matching leather is generally the second layer of leather with cowhide on the opposite side, and a layer of PU resin is coated on the surface, so it is also called film cowhide. The price is relatively cheap and the utilization rate is high. With the change of craftsmanship, it is also made into various grades, such as imported two-layer cowhide. Because of its unique craftsmanship, stable quality, and novel varieties, it is the current high-end leather, and the price and grade are no less than the first-layer leather.

PU leather and leather bags have their own characteristics. PU leather bags are beautiful in appearance, easy to handle, and low in price, but they are not wear-resistant and easy to break; leather is expensive, troublesome to care, but durable.

The full name of microfiber leather is “microfiber PU synthetic leather. It has excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, breathability, and aging resistance.

Space leather is a type of PU synthetic leather. It is generally used as sports shoe leather. It has the characteristics of acid, alkali, hydrolysis, and high peeling.

From the perspective of softness: space leather>microfiber>cowhide

Thickness: cowhide>=microfiber>space leather

Weight: cowhide>=microfiber>space leather is generally the case, but there are exceptions.

The thickness of space leather is generally 1.2~1.4mm, and the thickness of cowhide and microfiber is about 1.4mm. If it does not meet the above requirements, it is a substandard material. Of course, there are also tests such as low temperature fold, acid and alkali solution, degree of peeling, high temperature discoloration, wet and dry wipe and other tests are also the main indicators.

Space leather is thinner in appearance. It is softer when pinched with your thumb, and has the lightest weight. The bottom is like white cotton. It is generally used in running shoes, casual shoes, and sneakers. It is a relatively large amount of material, and the market price is between 40 and 80 for 1 yard (width 1.37M). Suede space leather is generally cheaper than pearly surface leather, especially shiny pearly surface space leather is the most expensive.

Microfiber is a new type of material, invented by Japanese technology. The thickness is slightly thicker than that of space leather, and the surface is also very elastic and soft, but the weight is much heavier. Peel the bottom surface with your hands, and you will find short hairs. Generally used in basketball shoes, especially indoor basketball shoes-many colorful and beautiful NIKE basketball shoes are made of microfiber. The market price is generally between 80 and 120. Suede superfiber is generally cheaper than pearly surface, especially the shiny pearly surface superfiber is the most expensive.

Cowhide can be divided into cow layer leather, cow two layer leather, suede leather (cow three layer). The thickness is cow layer leather> cow two layer leather> suede leather. The thickness is slightly thicker than microfiber, and the surface is almost inelastic (bovine layer leather> cow two layer leather> suede leather), and the weight is the heaviest. Observing from the bottom or touching it with your hands, it will feel like a sweater is piled up. It is generally used on the front of the shoe and the outward side of the foot (the left foot is on the left and the right foot is on the right). It is the least used of the three. The market price is between 15 and 45 per square foot (price: cow layer leather> cow two layer leather> suede leather)


WINIW Microfiber Automotive Leather FGR Series

WINIW Microfiber Automotive Leather FGR Series

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