Leather Terminology

The procedure of cleaning, caring and finishing leather products such as leather clothes, leather goods and leather shoes.

The basic raw material of leather making, taken from the skin of various animals (mainly domestic animals), the skin that has not been or has been preserved before leather processing.
Note: common name: rawhide.

After physical processing and chemical treatment process and made, has been denatured, not easy to decay, can be used for processing and making leather products of animal epidermis raw materials.

It is made by tearing the edge waste of leather into fiber, then bonded by adhesive in mechanical physical state, extruded into sheet, and then processed by cutting layer grinding and surface finishing.

It simulates the composition and structure of natural leather, and usually adopts non-woven fabric as the base of the imitation artificial product.

  6.Artificial leather 
Synthetic resin mixed with plasticizer is coated with paste, dispersion or solution on the surface of cloth, and then heated to make the product.

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