Main Performance Index of Microfiber Leather Products

ensile strength (Mpa): warp ≥9 weft ≥9 (GB/T3923.1-1997)



Elongation at break (%): warp ≥25 weft ≥25



Tear force (N): warp ≥70 weft ≥70 (GB/T3917.2-1997)



Peel strength (N): ≥60 GB/T8948-1995



Bursting load (N) ≥110



Surface color fastness (level): dry friction level 3-4 wet friction level 2-3 (GB/T3920-1997)



Folding fastness: -23℃, 200,000 times, no change on the surface



Light fastness (level): 4 (GB/T8427-1998)


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